$1M NSF grant funds Lehigh cross-disciplinary team converging on pandemic prediction and prevention research

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Below is an excerpt from the story by Christine Fennessy, RCEAS. Read full article >>

Experts in engineering, biology, data science, and cognitive psychology team up with Lehigh’s Institute for Indigenous Studies to examine spread of disease in marginalized communities and build groundbreaking forecasting and diagnostic tools.

Imagine if researchers could predict the spread of a pandemic like they can the evolution of a hurricane. With the right data, they could help people stay out of harm’s way.

Harnessing that ability is the bold vision of a multidisciplinary team of Lehigh researchers.

The team recently received a $1 million grant in support of their proposal to examine pandemic dynamics within isolated and underserved populations. The award is part of the National Science Foundation’s new Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention  (PIPP) program, which is jointly funded by NSF’s Directorates for Biological Sciences, Computer Information Science and Engineering, Engineering, and Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.