Fall 2021

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Directors' Message

Equity and Justice in Data and Computing

Our modern world is driven by data and the intelligent systems that collect and analyze those data in support of decisions that influence everything from entertainment to education to distribution of resources. As an Interdisciplinary Research Institute, I-DISC was founded with the mission of “incubating and growing successful interdisciplinary teams that will be able to realize dramatic impact” in the areas of data, intelligent systems, and computation. The leadership of I-DISC believes one of the places where dramatic impact is needed is in the area of equity and justice in data and computing. Read more >

I-DISC Leadership Team
Larry Snyder, ISE, I-DISC Director
Kate Arrington, Psychology, I-DISC Associate Director
Brian D. Davison, CSE, I-DISC Associate Director

Research Highlights

Welcome to the New Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Lab (AirLab) 

In Building C on Lehigh’s Mountaintop Campus, a new facility has taken shape. With a high ceiling and transparent glass walls, it’s a hive of sorts, enclosed partly as a way to dampen the whir, hum, and drone of robots operating both on the ground and in the air. Welcome to the new, pulsing core of the Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (AIR Lab). Read more >

I-DISC Large Grant Development Workshop Series

Learn to build successful interdisciplinary proposal

Interdisciplinary team science opens exciting avenues for faculty at Lehigh to address new areas of research, but also comes with new challenges. Among these challenges is adjusting our grant writing skills to fit the requirements of large, interdisciplinary proposals, which can differ substantially from single PI, disciplinary grants. During the coming year, I-DISC is unrolling a series of events to equip our members and research focus groups with the tools to compete for these large external funding opportunities. Read more and register >

Faculty Spotlight

Roberto Palmieri, Computer Science and Engineering faculty member wins NSF CAREER award to take RDMA technology to the next level.
Palmieri will develop algorithms to coordinate access to data, especially when those data are large enough to be spread over many machines and there are thousands (or millions!) of simultaneous requests to look up or change data (imagine checking the stock status of an item, or placing an order). His work optimizes use of a recent technology that lets one computer access the memory of a second machine, without the second’s CPU being involved. Read more >


Upcoming I-DISC Events

I-DISC Faculty Forum
Friday, October 8

Stay tuned for an invite & agenda!
*format will be subject to LU Policy for in-person events.

Friday, October 29
I-DISCovery is a platform for faculty across all disciplines on campus in the data, intelligent systems, and computation space to connect, exchange ideas, promote discussion, and share skills and interests. Learn more >


Quant Conference (virtual)
Friday, November 12

Presented by Lehigh University Center for Financial Services and co-sponsored by I-DISC
More information and registration >


Machine Learning and Supply Chain Management
December 13-14, 2021

This workshop will feature speakers from academia & industry whose research and practice makes innovative use of machine learning (ML) for making decisions in supply chains. The aim is to bring together researchers from both the ML and supply chain communities in order to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas and to stimulate new collaborations. More information and registration >


Women in Cognitive Science

Starting this month, WiCS received a new NSF conference award to fund online events and workshops for the next two years. The conference grant focuses on networking, visibility, and career pathways for women in cognitive science. 

Learn more about WiCS >


Quick Links to other I-DISC Opportunities

I-DISC Fellow Services This program has helped faculty advance their research in 13+ research projects across a diverse range of fields. Read more about these projects >

Learn more about I-DISC Fellow Services and how you can apply for help with your project. Accepting applications for Fall 2021.

I-DISC Undergraduate Research Grants: I-DISC is offering support for faculty to include undergraduates in research. Accepting applications for Fall 2021.

Other events of interest to I-DISC members.

Lehigh University will host the 2022 International Conference on Continuous Optimization (ICCOPT) July 23-28, 2022.
The ICCOPT is an international flagship conference of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS) that is organized every three years. Learn more >



I-DISC is a Lehigh University Interdisciplinary Research Institute