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I-DISC launched the I-DISC Fellows Program at the beginning of 2021.
I-DISC Fellow Dan Luo is an advanced doctoral student with expertise in data science, computation, and machine learning.  From bugs to stars and healthcare to linguistics, Dan has worked on a diverse range of projects with faculty from across the Lehigh community, providing assistance to help advance the data-science part of their research.

Examples of projects the I-DISC fellow has worked on since the inception of the program in January 2021:

Data Understanding
In the era of big data, are all the data reliable? Understanding the data is the first step. 
Dan is helping faculty members from Economics and ECE develop a framework for risk assessment and management for electricity grid operations and planning systems.

Image Understanding and Computer Vision
A key task of data science is to understand an image with the assistance of a computer.
Dan has been working on multiple projects related to this within the healthcare industry. In one project, Dan is helping a faculty member from Bioengineering develop a standalone, user-friendly, robust, cloud-based computational tool for hemolysis evaluation. In another project he is helping an MEM faculty member to develop an ML method to close the gap of radiographic scoring and human-subjective judgement.

Natural Language Understanding
Our ideas and thoughts are revealed via language. Dan has been helping faculty apply a powerful natural language processing technique to help their research. For example, he has helped a Psychology faculty member to investigate human attitudes toward insects by sentiment analysis. In a project for another Psychology professor, the I-DISC Fellow has helped create a searchable data system and write code to analyze data for linguistic and semantic questions. Finally, Dan is building a tool that a faculty member from Marketing can use to determine signals that people’s attention on social media.

Learn more about the I-DISC Fellow Program and how an I-DISC Fellow can help you advance your research.
This program is open to all faculty across all 5 Lehigh University colleges.