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Foundations and Applications of Mathematical Optimization and Data Science
Lehigh MODS Program

Research Focus Area 

Lehigh University is world-renowned for research on mathematical optimization (MO), which involves the development of mathematical and computational tools that facilitate discovery, design, and decision-making throughout science, engineering, and business.  Indeed, all major industries, scientific laboratories, public-sector organizations, and policy-making groups benefit from the use of MO tools.  MO is also one of the key pillars of data science (DS), the field that is revolutionizing both science and society.  A group of Lehigh researchers recently launched a program called Lehigh MODS, which builds on Lehigh’s strengths in MO research and capitalizes on MO’s critical role in DS to create a diverse community of faculty, postdocs, and students that aims to advance state-of-the-art knowledge and tools across a broad spectrum of methodological and application-oriented subfields.  The group works on problems of inference, prediction, and data-driven decision-making in areas such as healthcare, energy, supply chain management, and basic sciences, while at the same time confronting the challenge of ensuring that automated systems are fair, accountable, explainable, and respectful of privacy.

Research Focus Group Members

This is a program supported by a Major Program Investment Grant as part of a Research Futures Investment Program run by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Lehigh.  The investigators are:

Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity 

This group is hiring a postdoctoral fellow!  Please click here for further information.