Quant-Financial Engineering Conference

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3rd Annual Quant/Financial Engineering (Virtual) Conference

Friday, November 12, 2021
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Presented by Lehigh University Center for Financial Services / co-sponsored by I-DISC

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Conference Topics & Networking
(more information will be posted over the coming weeks) 

Featured guest speakers include:

  • Dimitri Bianco, FRM, Quant YouTuber
  • Jack Dean, Lehigh University MSFE '22
  • Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA, QuantUniversity.com
  • Dr. Hank Korth, Lehigh University
  • Matthew Marine, CFA, Lehigh University MSFE '22
  • Matsela Matsela, Lehigh University MSFE '21, FINRA
  • Gaurav Singh, Lehigh University MSFE, Quantinsti.com
  • Ben Steiner, BNPP Asset Management
  • Hariom Tatsat, FRM, Author
  • Jordan Weintraub, Lehigh University MSFE '21, Hamilton Lane
  • Bryan Yekelchik, Lehigh University MSFE '22

Resources from the College of Business Masters in Financial Engineering Program:
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2nd Annual Quant/Financial Engineering (Virtual) Conference

Held: Friday, September 15, 2020 (presented by Lehigh University Center for Financial Services / co-sponsored by I-DISC)

Conference Topics & Networking

  • Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Moderators: Dr. Hank Korth, Dr. Rod Garatt, Corey Caplan
  • API for Financial Institutions. Moderators: Cate Rung and Brendan Playford
  • Data Forensics. Moderator: Nicholas Gans 
  • Quantum Computing. Moderators: Dr. Tamás Terlaky and Dr. Luis Zuluaga 
  • Stationarity.  Moderator: Dimitri Bianco
  • Synthetic Data and Stress Testing. Moderator: Sri Krishnamurthy
  • Ethereum/Smart Contracts project presentation. Presenters: Stephen Choi, Matsela Matsela, and Bryan Yekelchik
  • Multi Factor Modeling presentation. Presenters: Randy Parker, Jordan Weintraub, and Bryan Yekelchik     

1st Annual Quant/Financial Engineering Conference

Quant/Financial Engineering Conference 
Held: Friday, November 15, 2019
Iacocca Hall, Lehigh University

Experts in financial engineering and quantitative finance converged at Lehigh on November 15 for a Quant/Financial Engineering Conference that addressed the challenges in today’s data-centric business environment. The conference aimed to promote the exchange of ideas in data management, data science, blockchain, deep learning and other areas. 

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