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I-DISC Fellow Services Fall 2021 Flyer

Looking for help with the data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or computing part of your research?

An I-DISC Fellow can help! 
I-DISC Fellows are advanced doctoral students with expertise in data science, computation, optimization and/or machine learning. 

The new I-DISC Fellows program provides a part-time research assistant to help Lehigh faculty with, for example:

  • Data science / machine learning / artificial intelligence ideas, debugging and design assistance.
  • Short-term software development or data science projects.
  • Consulting or preliminary work for a funding proposal.
  • Assessment or estimate of level of effort for a future funding proposal. 

What you get:
Time from a computer science doctoral student, up to 4 weeks @ 20 hours/week effort. No need to advertise or interview candidates.

The cost:
NONE for Fall Semester 2021! (Fees may be charged to cover the Fellow’s time in future semesters.)

How to apply:
Interested faculty should complete a REQUEST FORM-FALL 2021 (starting August 23, 2021) and provide a brief summary of project, time needed and scheduling constraints.

I-DISC Fellows Fall 2021 Flyer (pdf)

I-DISC Fellow Projects
Examples of some of the projects our Fellows have worked on since Spring 2021

Questions: Please contact any of the I-DISC Leadership Team.
Larry Snyder (lvs2@lehigh.edu), Director & Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Kate Arrington (cma205@lehigh.edu), Associate Director, I-DISC & Professor, Psychology
Brian Davison (bdd3@lehigh.edu), Associate Director, I-DISC & Professor, Computer Science & Engineering