I-DISC Fellows

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Doctoral student Dan Luo will be our inaugural Fellow during the Pilot Phase in Spring 2021

Looking for help with the data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or computing part of your research?

An I-DISC Fellow can help! 
I-DISC Fellows are advanced doctoral students with expertise in data science, computation, optimization and/or machine learning. 

The new I-DISC Fellows program provides a part-time research assistant to help Lehigh faculty with, for example:

  • Data science / machine learning / artificial intelligence ideas, debugging and design assistance.

  • Short-term software development or data science projects.

  • Consulting or preliminary work for a funding proposal.

  • Assessment or estimate of level of effort for a future funding proposal. 

What you get:
Time from a computer science doctoral student, up to 4 weeks @ 20 hours/week effort. No need to advertise or interview candidates.

The cost:
NONE for Spring 2021! (Fees may be charged to cover the Fellow’s time in future semesters.)

How to apply:
Interested faculty should complete a REQUEST FORM and provide a brief summary of project, time needed and scheduling constraints.

I-DISC Fellows Flyer (pdf)

Questions: Please contact any of the I-DISC Leadership Team.
Larry Snyder (lvs2@lehigh.edu), Director & Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Kate Arrington (cma205@lehigh.edu), Associate Director & Professor, Psychology
Brian Davison (bdd3@lehigh.edu), Associate Director & Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering