I-DISC Friendly Review Exchange

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I-DISC will coordinate friendly reviews by peer faculty members, to support proposal development. I-DISC will be responsible for identifying appropriate reviewers. 


Friendly proposal reviews by I-DISC peers
  • Reviewer(s) will provide feedback on communication and “story”
  • (Less feedback on content)
  • Submit your request when a near-complete draft is ready
  • I-DISC will find 2–3 reviewers
  • Each reviewer expected to spend 2–3 hours reading and commenting on proposal
  • Expect ~2-week turnaround time
Participation is voluntary
  • We might ask any I-DISC member to be a reviewer
  • You can say no! (But not too many times, or you won’t be able to request reviews!)

How to get involved

  1. The PI should complete this form >> (coming soon). The content of the form will be kept confidential by the I-DISC leadership and administration, and shared only with candidate reviewers
  2. The I-DISC leadership will identify potential reviewers by reading the details of the proposal on the form. The contents of the form will be shared with potential reviewers.
  3. Once the requested number of reviewers agrees to provide a review, the I-DISC leadership will collect all the necessary material from the proposing team and send it to the recruited reviewer(s).
  4. The I-DISC administration will send reminders to the reviewers to ensure that the review is completed within the expected time frame.
  5. The I-DISC administration will share with the proposing team the results of the review, without disclosing the name(s) of the reviewer(s).