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Friday, March 3, 2023

Lunch will be provided
Venue: Building C Room 210

Pitfalls and Advice for writing resumes for internship and permanent job applications
Wendy Fong, Director of Industry Engagement, Western Regional Office

Invited speakers from Lockheed Martin will talk about technical aptitudes, communications, organization, leadership qualities that graduate students should work to cultivate.

Q&A session

Registration required by Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Held Friday, April 30, 2021 (Virtual)

Overview of event:

I-DISC Overview (pdf) - brief overview of the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems and Computation at Lehigh.

Career Opportunities at NRL:
Presenter: David Aha, Director, Navy Center for Applied Research in AI 

Opportunities at NRL can be found on the NRL careers page on their website: NRL Careers (

  • For NRC postdoc prospective applicants, they can find statements of interest of potential NRL mentors online.

  • For students, the NREIP summertime internship program. Deadline is early-- usually around the start of November preceding the summertime in which they’d be an intern. 

Many students, and all postdoc applicants, reach out to a potential mentor at NRL who has shared interests. With postdocs, they usually first meet the NRL scientist at a conference, through introduction by their advisor, or via other means. 
If any Lehigh student is interested in any of these opportunities, you may send a description of your interests to David Aha and he will facilitate finding a match at NRL. 

Resources available at Lehigh University - how we can help you in various aspects of your research & career: