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Next event will be held in Spring Semester 2023
more information will be posted early 2023

Held Friday, April 30, 2021 (Virtual)

Overview of event:

I-DISC Overview (pdf) - brief overview of the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems and Computation at Lehigh.

Career Opportunities at NRL:
Presenter: David Aha, Director, Navy Center for Applied Research in AI 

Opportunities at NRL can be found on the NRL careers page on their website: NRL Careers (

  • For NRC postdoc prospective applicants, they can find statements of interest of potential NRL mentors online.

  • For students, the NREIP summertime internship program. Deadline is early-- usually around the start of November preceding the summertime in which they’d be an intern. 

Many students, and all postdoc applicants, reach out to a potential mentor at NRL who has shared interests. With postdocs, they usually first meet the NRL scientist at a conference, through introduction by their advisor, or via other means. 
If any Lehigh student is interested in any of these opportunities, you may send a description of your interests to David Aha and he will facilitate finding a match at NRL. 

Resources available at Lehigh University - how we can help you in various aspects of your research & career: