• $1M NSF grant funds Lehigh cross-disciplinary team converging on pandemic prediction and prevention research
    Experts in engineering, biology, data science, and cognitive psychology team up with Lehigh’s Inst. for Indigenous Studies to build groundbreaking forecasting and diagnostic tools.
  • Interdisciplinary team examines social media’s role in framing facts, influencing behavior during COVID-19 pandemic
    This interdisciplinary group includes I-DISC Faculty members Eric Baumer and Dominic DiFranzo, Computer Science and Engineering; Haiyan Jia, Journalism and Amanda Green, Humanities.
  • Support for Engaging in Team Grant Proposals
    How I-DISC Leadership is addressing the challenges of preparing large team proposals.
  • Integrating Social Science and Engineering
    I-DISC embraces the mission of building and supporting interdisciplinary teams, as well as bringing many voices to the table, including those from the social sciences and humanities.
  • Data and Computing Equity and Justice (DCEJ) Plan
    I-DISC is pleased to release its first Data and Computing Equity and Justice (DCEJ) Plan. The Plan reflects our commitment to action. It is the work of many people and the outcome of much research, reflection, and discussion.
  • Lehigh BlockChain: Return on Investment
    Specialized courses and cutting-edge research opportunities
The analysis of complex and massive datasets and the development of sophisticated computational models are essential to our understanding and prediction of complex phenomena and systems associated with personalized medicine, healthcare delivery, transportation systems, social networks, the human brain, global climate, and international economic development.


With a nearly $1 million NSF grant, researchers from Lehigh and Drexel universities to develop cutting-edge system for real-time data analysis and control of advanced microscopy tools
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David Rea, an assistant professor of decision and technology analytics at Lehigh College of Business, works with hospitals and food distribution organizations to fix their real-world problems.
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