• The Science of Autonomy
    Welcome to the new, pulsing core of the Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (AIR Lab).
  • Launching Hawk
    New supercomputer widens access to data science tools and connects Lehigh to the global cyber infrastructure
  • SSCMDAT 2022 Materials Chemistry and Data Science Hackathon
    NEW PROPOSED DATE: January 20-22, 2022
  • Data Journalism in the Years of Challenges
    Haiyan Jia, Department of Journalism and Communication discusses the increasingly important role of data journalism in communicating current social issues with five veteran journalists.
The analysis of complex and massive datasets and the development of sophisticated computational models are essential to our understanding and prediction of complex phenomena and systems associated with personalized medicine, healthcare delivery, transportation systems, social networks, the human brain, global climate, and international economic development.


Computer science and engineering researcher Roberto Palmieri wins NSF CAREER award to take RDMA technology to the next level
ISE faculty member Ted Ralphs, in partnership with Oleg Prokopyev at University of Pittsburgh, has won a three-year, half million dollar grant from the Office of Naval Research to study how to more realistically model and solve certain game-theoretic optimization problems.
He will develop a novel computational framework to answer two fundamental questions: How does this hydrogen transfer work exactly at the molecular scale, and what’s the right donor and the right catalyst for a given acceptor?
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