I-DISC is a hub to catalyze, support, and promote research in areas related to data, intelligent systems, and computation, especially interdisciplinary, collaborative research.

Research Highlights

Do Physical Connections Improve the Control and Performance of Robot Swarms?

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Making Sense of Machine Learning

Experts from across the Rossin College break down the buzz around artificial intelligence and share their holistic approach to this controversial computational tool

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Making Sense of Machine Learning: Stories

Solving ambiguity in robot perception

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I-DISC announces transitions in Leadership Team

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Kate Arrington: Researching the Researchers

In her ‘Lab Lab’ at the heart of campus, Arrington studies colleagues as they pursue their cutting-edge science—and aims to help them do that science better.

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I-DISC currently supports 10 active research groups including Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory; Catastrophe Modeling; Computer Vision; Explainable Graph Learning; FinTech & BlockChain; Human-Centered Computing; Machine Learning in Materials Science; Quantum Computing, and Scalable Systems & Software


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