• Martin Takac
    Teaching teamwork
    Optimization expert, Martin Takáč takes a collaborative approach to solving complex problems
  • Hackathon
    Materials Chemistry and Data Science Hackathon, March 26-28, 2020
  • SSS Group
    A shortcut to a faster supercomputer
    High-performance computing systems power the complex calculations and simulations behind our data-driven life—from better weather prediction to improved disease detection.
  • Mooi Choo
    Mining medical data
    Computer science and engineering professor Mooi Choo employs deep learning and data mining to improve systems for diagnosis, prognosis, and cybersecurity

The analysis of complex and massive datasets and the development of sophisticated computational models are essential to our understanding and prediction of complex phenomena and systems associated with personalized medicine, healthcare delivery, transportation systems, social networks, the human brain, global climate, and international economic development. 

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