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Research Focus Area


  • Blockchain Systems: Systems and algorithms for blockchain infrastructure.  Acceleration of zero-knowledge proofs using parallel architectures and improved numerical algorithms, algorithms for blockchain governance, high performance algorithms for distributed consensus.

  • Blockchain Applications in Finance and Digital Currency: Design of digital currency systems that allow for regulatability, partial decentralization, transparency, and privacy.  System design to achieve the performance levels required for a global currency.  Public policy issues.

  • Blockchain Applications in Accounting: Automation of large segments of the accounting and audit process using cryptographic algorithms to enable public commitment to audited data with provably correct selective disclosure of data to regulators and to the public.

For more details on blockchain-related work, and faculty involved in blockchainsee the Lehigh Blockchain website.

Data Analytics:

  • Use of machine learning for automated comparisons and consistency for checking for financial statements and for enabling innovative financial business models.

  • Dynamic, predictive, interpretive modeling of emerging risks both within the global financial system and for specific banks using textual analysis modeling of emerging textual analysis.

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Research Focus Group Members

The focus group members working in the blockchain space cooperate closely with the Scalable Software Systems Group on the distributed algorithms underlying the design of enterprise-friendly blockchain systems, and with the Blockchain Lab in the Center for Financial Services on issues relating to blockchain-based financial systems.

  • Hank Korth, Lehigh University, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Director of the Blockchain Lab in the Center for Financial Services, and Courtesy Professor of Decision and Technology Analytics

  • Kathleen Hanley, Lehigh University, Bolton-Perella Chair Professor of Finance, Director of the Center for Financial Services

  • Roberto PalmieriLehigh University, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Co-Leader of the Scalable Systems and Software Research Group

  • Arielle Carr, Lehigh University, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Patrick Zoro, Lehigh University, Teaching Assitant Professor, Perella Department of Finance