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The Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC) builds upon the foundation of Lehigh research expertise in areas such as machine learning, optimization, probabilistic modeling, data-driven decision making, high-performance and data-intensive computing, statistical signal and image processing, data representation and management, modeling and simulation, robotics and computer vision, business and management technology, and privacy and security. Teams of researchers will combine fundamental data and computational approaches with those focused on critical applications, utilizing core high-performance computing and cyber–physical systems facilities. I-DISC will create a fertile space for collaboration with industrial, academic, and governmental partners to attack some of the most pressing problems in technology and society.

Data has become prevalent in our society: web pages, multimode feeds (sound and camera feeds), satellite imagery, social media, medical data, outputs of computational simulations and so on. The ability to process the data into actionable information, and act on this information in a timely manner requires interdisciplinary contributions from experts in many fields across the university.

I-DISC Information Sheet 1 (pdf) - Research Focus Areas & Facilities

I-DISC Information Sheet 2 (pdf) - Institute Summary

I-DISC Foundational Research Themes

I-DISC Foundational Research Themes

  • Machine learning and optimization
  • Probabilistic modeling, data-driven decision making & control
  • High-performance and data-intensive computing
  • Statistical signal and image processing
  • Data representation and management
  • Modeling and simulation

Applications of I-DISC Research

  • Robotics and computer vision
  • Business and management sciences
  • Privacy and security 
  • Cyber-physical systems and infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Bio, materials and nano-bio interface